About Superior Benefit Solutions

Superior Benefit Solutions takes great pride in serving as an ambassador to local business owners and their employees. Every business, business owner, and employee face unexpected challenges. At Superior, we want to be there to provide solutions to those challenges and be an asset tour partners. We plan on doing that by providing education to both owners and employees, providing enrollment technology, and offering a variety of products to fit you and your family’s needs. At Superior Benefit Solutions we take pride in the fact that we have several agents and representatives in the community every day who understand the impact local businesses have on our economy and community. We also recognize that a large percentage of the American workforce live paycheck to paycheck and when the unexpected happens, whether it be an injury or illness, one of the many questions we face is, how am I going to pay for all of these unexpected bills? Let us at Superior Benefit Solutions partner with you and offer you a little peace of mind

Services We Offer

Major Medical

  • Individual or Group available
  • Go to market to find the best fit for our clients
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Life Insurance

  • Individual or Group options available
  • Term life, whole life, return of premium
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  • Employer or Employee sponsored
  • Important to overall well-being and health
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  • Income protection, protect your paycheck
  • Short or long term options
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Catastrophic Programs

  • Cancer, heart attack, stroke (among other) protection
  • Protection for family history or out of pocket expenses
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Co Pay and Out of Pocket Assistance

  • Accident programs (bumps, broken bones, ER services, etc.)
  • Medical Gap - bridges the gap between what you pay and what your health insurance pays for hospital stays and outpatient surgeries
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